The trends in Social Media Optimization & SEM


Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have moved beyond just being marketing afterthoughts. Now, they are concepts that every business that needs to gain a proper hold on the online landscape must implement.

Voice Search

Statistics have sown that every 1 in 5 online searches is a voice search item. If you still need some convincing, keep in mind that google has also shown this, and from all indications, this will only increase as time goes on.

As an SMO or SEM expert, this should definitely intrigue you.

Visual Search

Visual search is one of a kind. In today’s world, visual search provides the best of both worlds; user experience and technological innovation. It elevates both of these concepts, and it is something that is getting increasingly useful.

The increase in online visual focus has definitely been amazing. Apps, websites and other platforms are focusing more on aesthetic appeal, and some huge tech firms have already invested heavily in exploring this field’s potential.

Link Building

Link building has a lot of potential as well

For instance, when you look through a properly implemented SMO or SE strategy that pursues certain links in place of others, you’ll see the need to employ link building. As long as you can seek out quality links, there is no limit to the benefits that this strategy can provide to you.

Mobile-First Index

Experts have shown that mobile marketing will see massive increases in popularity and adoption, and it is bellied that concepts such as mobile SMO campaigns, mobile searching ad mobile marketing will be at the forefront of this. Now, people all around the world will be able to connect to you easily and more seamlessly.