Easy & effective ways to optimize a website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective mean through which you can place you website on the front pages of the major search engines (with Google and Bing coming to mind, of course and gain the right kind of exposure that you need.

However, just as it is with almost everything in the digital world, SEO has trends, and it is important that you take note of these trends if you are to make the most out of your SEO journey.

To wit, without wasting much time, here is a rundown of some off the most effective optimization techniques.

Focus on customer experience

Without a doubt, customer experience is definitely the most significant ways to ensure that your website is optimized on search engines

Simply put, focusing on customer experience means that you are deliberately going out of your way to ensure that your customers don’t have complaint when they visit your site. It can be anything from ensuring that your website doesn’t have any pop-up ads to making sure that the content there looks appealing and isn’t being too much with the background color.

Optimize loading times

This point is a little bit tied to the tip above, but it is a tad significant as well.

Loading time is the amount of time that it takes for a webpage to load completely for a visitor to be able to view what needs to be seen. Some websites load quickly due to the sizes of content on them, while others can take an eternity to get loaded.

Try as much as possible to ensure that your website falls among the former.

That’s it.

Use blog sections

Your website has a blog section. There really is no justifiable reason why the blog section isn’t functional. With blogs, you are ensuring that your visitors are able to engage with you. So, make sure that your blog section is updated regularly with engaging, relevant (important) and fun content. That way, visitors know that they have something new and relevant to see when they come back.

Work with more images and visual content

Images are also an effective way to help get your message across without saying too much. GIFs, memes, etc. can work for your website as well, although the practicality of these will depend more on whether the website is formal or not.

You sure can’t have a meme on the White House website.